Why Dustless?

Sanding has always created an enormous amount of airborne wood dust. Dust generated by floor sanding is a known toxin and carcinogen. While the level of toxicity varies considerably according to the species of the wood, it is still highly recommended that every precautionary measure be taken. The infiltration and permeation of dust into vents and air conditioning units creates the potential for poor air quality as it is circulated throughout the house, escalating the dangers of the homeowner breathing it in, or having to deal with the nightmare of cleaning it up.






The best way to control dust inhalation is through properly designed and maintained dust containment or extraction systems. Our system is the latest advancement in dust containment technology, which provides 99% evacuation of dust from the entire floor sanding process. The reduction of airborne dust exposure results in a much cleaner work area during and after sanding. Homeowners want a dust-free environment for obvious reasons, and dust containment is becoming an expected service. Instead of being just a competitive advantage for our business, in the future, dust containment will be essential to our ability to compete. No homeowner wants to be prevented from enjoying his or her home, regardless of the work being done. The elimination of dust from the sanding process increases the speed, efficiency and quality of work. Without the need to hang plastic, a homeowner can get back to his or her daily routine as soon as possible.




By sanding and finishing with our dust containment system contractors can provide healthier working conditions for themselves and their employees and a cleaner environment for homeowners. With our GV3 dust containment system, all floor sanders and home owners can breathe a little easier. The GV3 has been designed to help reduce the amount of dust while providing an easy to use piece of equipment that will not get in your way on the job. The GV3 is incredibly powerful with its three high powered vacuum motors, for unsurpassed suction and airflow. The 400 CFM of air flow blows all the competition away. The ultra-fine filter media traps dust as fine as 5 microns. Some of the features of this new state of the art machine are: Self-bagging dust collection for simple and easy machine emptying. Built-in hose caddy for a "tidy" transportation to and from the job site. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Rugged steel frame construction and heavyweight polyethylene tank. Industrial grade, non-marking vacuum hoses and cuffs. Swivel hose cuffs to eliminate twisting and curling hoses. Ultimately, our system allows us to start and finish the job faster, eliminate dust from settling back down into the finish and limit clean up time for quality results!









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